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Traffic/Highway Engineering Training

With skills shortages in the industry and the difficulty in finding quality experienced staff, it makes sense to 'grow your own'. SAW Conuslting Services is an IHE Approved training provider. We offer in house training sessions for up to 15 people delivered by industry experts in the following specialist fields. 

Yellow Box Junctions - Click here for more info


Meet the trainer

Sam Wright was formally responsible for the design and approval of yellow boxes on the Transport for London network. He has assessed, monitored and designed hundreds of boxes at all manner of junctions. He also has knowledge of over 100 key cases from adjudicators and is the UK's leading expert on the topic. He has written for the RAC, CIHT and appeared in national and international media to discuss the topic. In a recent study for the RAC he found that 90% of boxes proposed for enforcement had issues, revealing the scale of the lack of knowledge on the issue. Read the full report here

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