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Advanced Collision Plot

In addition to raw data, Advanced Collision Plot contains analysis. Our team manually analyses every collision within a whole authority (or any large area), produces simple diagrammatic representations and classifies them into 15 types. Forget trying to intepret crazy stick diagrams, our visuals speak for themselves. The result is an unparalleled insight into how collisions have occurred at client's fingertips on our powerful GIS platform packed full of cool tools. Essentially it is a continuously updated collision study for the whole authority, rather than just a snapshot of a single location. This analysis can aid in targeted road safety schemes, is invaluable for saving time in answering public queries and in fulfilling an Authority's duties under Section 39 of the Road Traffic Act 1988.

One of the issues with accident descriptions is they can contain personal identifiable data and as a result, are increasingly being withheld, even from local authority staff. We manually remove all personal identifiable data from descriptions. Our analysts also add notes of any issues to each collision. This service is not available to the public, only to local authority staff and those approved by them. 

Why manual analysis?

Collision data is collected manually and can contain errors and anomalies. Automated programs are not able to deal with these issues and often produce wrong or unintelligible results. Accuracy is vital in undertanding the cause of collisions to formulate responses, either through road safety initiatives or physical interventions. Only a human carefully reviewing the data can ensure the highest levels of possible accuracy. 

How accurate is it?

The analysis is as accurate as the raw data allows for. Where it is not possible to ascertain the exact cause of a collision, a note to this effect is added. The images include the vehicles involved, directions orientated to the road, the injured party and significant contributory factors. We also manually remove personal data from descriptions to ensure it is GDPR compliant. 

How up to date is the data?

We use local data supplied by the authority/police, as up to date as you get it. We first undertake analysis of the last 3 years of data and then keep the analysis up to date periodically as frequently as you require.

How much does it cost?

The cost is based on the approximate number of collisions in the authority. There is an initial price for 3 years analysis and set up, followed by a yearly subscription. Price includes unlimited logins for staff members/councillors and consultants approved by the authority. It is far better value than commissioning or undertaking analysis on a site by site basis. 

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