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Yellow Box Junctions

Yellow boxes are a surprisingly complicated topic, involving the dynamics of the movement, the physical design of the box and enforcement and appeals legislation. With enforcement commencing outside London, it's vital that the lessons from many years of enforcement in London are learnt and that drivers are not unfairly ticketed with associated negative press coverage. Each box needs to be designed correctly to ensure it is legal, approriate and that every inch of it serves a specific purpose.

Training - Designing and Assessing Yellow Box Junctions

This training is aimed at traffic/highway engineers/planners and is also suitable for those carrying out enforcement. It is accredited for CPD by the IHE's Engineering Academy. It includes:

  • The offence

  • The purpose of boxes

  • The law in regards to design and placement

  • Many video examples

  • Key adjudication (appeal) decisions

  • How to design new to ensure they are exactly the required size

  • Auditing existing boses

  • The driver's view

  • Different junction types

  • Research into effectiveness

  • Consideration of cyclists and pedestrians

  • Setting out, implementation and maintenance

  • A design workshop including case studies and the opportunity to review boxes in your area. 




Meet the trainer

Sam Wright was formally responsible for the design and approval of yellow boxes on the Transport for London network. He has assessed, monitored and designed hundreds of boxes at all manner of junctions. He also has knowledge of over 100 key cases from adjudicators and is the UK's leading expert on the topic. He has written for the RAC, CIHT and appeared in national and international media to discuss the topic. In a recent study for the RAC he found that 90% of boxes proposed for enforcement had issues, revealing the scale of the lack of knowledge on the issue. Read the full report here

In House training

We also run in house training courses for up to 12 people which is more cost effective. Contact Sam for more info and a quote 

Design and Auditing

We can also undertake design of new boxes and auditing of exiting boxes for enforcement. 

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